Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sweet 16

"Such is my love, to thee I so belong."
~ Shakespeare Sonnets

Happy Sweet 16 Boomer.  

Sixteen years ago today, July 18, 1997, you my love, held my hand and kissed me for the very first time (read Smooch).    It was on this day, that we knew, in those very moments, we were embarking on something extraordinary.  Something neither of us had experienced or known before - - our lives changed forever.  You my love, are the love of my life.   I thank you so much.

It is today, the last several days really, I spend in grateful reverence and nostalgia of the very day that launched our treasured voyage together. I try to hold the back the river of tears; tears of my sorrow and yearning to hold your hand and kiss you again.  I surrender to my tears, for they are tears of gladness and joy that I have been given such a gift - - untethered, devoted love through your kisses and embracing hands.  I thank you so much.  
You call me.  You call me to be strong.  You call me to hang on.  You call me to have courage.  You call me to go on.  You call me to be true - - to myself and my love for you.   I thank you so much. 

Happy Bitter-Sweet 16 Boomer.  I love you.  I miss you.   I know you'll appreciate when I say, in the words of Bob Hope, "Thanks for the Memories.

And yes my love, your ring is back around my neck, at my heart, right where we want it (read Mood Ring and Boomer) so I feel your kisses and you holding my hand

Your SMO

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