Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Lizard Lounge

There's a saying old says that love is blind
Still we're often told "seek and ye shall find"
So I'm going to seek a certain lad I've had in mind
Looking everywhere, haven't found him yet
He's the big affair I cannot forget...

...Although he may not be the man some girls think of
As handsome to my heart
He carries the key...
...Someone to watch over me.
~ George Gerschwin

Our home here in Florida has a charming veranda at the front of the house.  With it's five screened archways, it's the perfect year-round outdoor living space.  Boomer and I enjoyed this space very much, something we missed having - dedicated outdoor space - at our Loft condo up north (Yikes, I'm beginning to sound like an official Florida resident, with the "up north" reference).  I'm comforted in my grief progress, seeing myself now returning to the splendor of being out on the veranda as much as possible (read Smackdown) and enjoying it again.  We particularly enjoyed the evenings, sitting in our cushioned faux-wicker rocking/swivel chairs and taking in the sights and sounds of our quaint neighborhood and each other's company.  We'd bring out a speaker from inside to enhance the ambiance with a chillin' out vibe like we enjoyed doing up north (read Swing).  

Gecko lizards are a mainstay in this part of the U.S. and our veranda is no exception.  We began to notice a trend whenever we sat outside - - within about 20 minutes, the geckos would come out to hang with us.  Two or four were the usual number and they'd hang out on the screens.   Last spring, things got hot 'n heavy for the geckos one evening when our neighbors, Dave and Diane, were over.  It was after dark, the candles were burning, slow-jam tunes are grooving and we're having a lot fun when I noticed the geckos had joined us - - more of them.  At one point, I interrupted the conversation to have everyone check out the lizard action happening at the base of the east window.   Geckos getting their groove on, doing the gecko nasty.  Apparently geckos are exhibitionists.   We all cracked up and watched in amazement at the animal planet skinemax action happening right on our front porch.    From that moment forward we lovingly named the veranda the Lizard Lounge.   A month after telling the story to b.f.f. Barbara, a package arrived with a note, "a little something for the lizards."   In it was a mirrored ball, 2-inches in diameter,  attached to an adjustable chain.  It now hangs from the vacant hook in the ceiling.  

The faces of my guy, Boomer.
On the side panel of my refrigerator is a small assemblage of some of my favorite pictures of Boomer - - with mustache and without - - the many faces of Boomer I've loved over the years (read Talk); along with a loving note my friend, Beth, left for me when she visited at Thanksgiving.  It's in clear view, eye level, on the main pathway of the house.  I think of it as Boomer's helm, (he was an avid sailor) where he watches and talks to me from.  
When I started my yard mulch project (read Mulch), I walked by the veranda and saw this above-average size gecko sitting on the edge of a planter.  He stayed there for hours.  Rarely moving.  The next day, when I opened the front door, there he was again.  More recently, a second gecko has taken up day-long residence on the veranda too,  on an ottoman directly across from the front door.  There they are - - constantly.  Something is different however, planter dude lost his tail;  though it doesn't seem to have impeded his ability to swiftly get around.  So there he sits, on the planter sans his tail.  I've taken to believe these to two reptilian characters are a humorous incarnation of the faces of Boomer.  Even Boomer himself was above-average in size (read Caught) and liked chillin' on the veranda no matter the time.   There they are together, two geckos hanging out, chillin' and keeping watch - - one with a tail, one without.  And yes, this kooky widow lady talks to the geckos too.  I've named them MJ & CB respectively - - the complete initials of Boomer's full name.  I also believe this has contributed to getting me back out on the veranda and enjoying it again.   For that I'm very grateful and highly entertained.

My  friend, Nico, today suggested I hit the pet store to purchase some mealworms to feed them.  "Then they'll really love you," he said.  I may be kooky, but I do have limits.  Okay, I admit, the idea is under consideration, purely for story-telling purposes of course - - says this kooky widow lady, from my keyboard, sitting on the Lizard Lounge, talking to geckos, chillin' to the tunes, believing someone is watching over me - - my guy, Boomer, tail and mustache, with and without.     

Love you Honey.

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