Friday, February 8, 2013

He's One of Us

I've heard the phrase women marry their fathers many times over the years never paying close attention to what exactly it meant.    Hindsight is 20/20.  When your mind opens, get present in your life, and start paying attention to what's going on in your world it all makes sense.

My father, Bobo (his nickname and yes, there's a goofy trend in my family for nicknames), and I are close.  Very close.  Our relationship didn't fully began to blossom and flourish until I was 16 years old.  Still, Dad gets my eternal gratitude and full props on his major, life-changing, transforming contribution in guiding me to becoming the woman, parent, friend, sibling, spouse, and human being I am today. He's an amazing man, I'm so proud and grateful for who he is and the role he plays in my life. 

My guys, Bobo & Boomer, 1998
So you can only imagine how nervous a girl can  become when the two most significant guys in her life, her father and the man she's in love with, meet for the first time.  It was 4 months into our dating relationship when Boomer and Bobo (I know, funny, right?) first met.  There was no better place than the Notre Dame vs. West Virginia home game.  Dad has been an ND fanatic season ticket holder for 40+ years.  Boomer had already heard my tales about my dad, how crazy I was about him, our Fighting Irish game-day escapades, and Boomer himself was a moderate ND fan.  He was looking forward to it.

Boomer & Bobo, St. Patrick's Day, 2009
Women marry their fathers.  Dad is thoughtful, supportive, and generous.  Dad likes to entertain, has a quick, often wry wit and loves to cook.  Dad enjoys college football more than pro, and doesn't care for baseball.

Women marry their fathers.  Boomer is thoughtful, supportive, and generous.  Boomer likes to entertain, has a quick wit and loves to cook.  Boomer enjoys college football more than pro, and doesn't care for baseball. 

It was a great day.  Dad liked Boomer (what's not to like?).  Love for Boomer had yet to be determined.  His daughter's heart was on the line after all, so naturally Dad continued to privately critique for a bit.  Boomer quickly won him over without trying - just being himself.   Women marry their fathers.   Boomer loved Bobo instantly (what's not to love?)  So much, that in describing the day and my dad to his close buddies, Boomer said, "He's one of us."

Four months later, Dad checked himself into rehab for alcohol addiction.  Women marry their fathers (read:  Reality).   For me, those infamous four words, "He's one of us," where about to go subterranean.

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