Thursday, January 24, 2013

Oh My Man...

...I love him so.  
 He'll never know.  

Streisand's Funny Girl may have held that thought for her Nicky Arnstein, that's not entirely mine. Yes, I love my man.  My man knows. He always knows.  It's in how I love him TODAY; a love I never imaged I would be experiencing in the way that I am.  It's a love that propels a churning in my stomach, heaviness in my heart, and those intermittent feelings of despair that resonate.  

My man, Boomer (his long-held nickname), has gone away.   He died November 14th - 70 days ago.

When Boomer took me in his arms, for the first time, over 15 years ago, I knew my world was bright alright.  I am his - forever more.

Our story is one of love.  Deep love.  Transforming love.  Enduring love.  Past and present.   As I navigate these uncharted waters of simultaneous sorrow, solace and moving forward, I will share our story.

We've been given a tremendous gift, the gift of having each other in our lives, for all the time we were given - - however short.  It is from this personal place of gratitude and understanding, that I sing along with Barbra... 

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