Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Getting Caught in the Act Opened the Door

My Boomer, 2001
I like my men tall.   That's all.  Sounds more like something either a serial dater or a Kardashian might say.  But I do - always have.   So it was no surprise to me when Boomer's 6'3", broad shouldered, athletic frame, caught my attention at work.  Then it was his eyes - - deep set, ocean blue.  Medium brown hair with a soft wave grew more curly with length.  A mustache too, something of a departure feature for me, and didn't think about. I was diggin' those eyes.   Handsome with an alluring yet elusive sexiness and completely unattainable, he was still married after all.   I was silently smitten from afar.

Next was his demeanor.   That was Boomer's mystique.  Now a single guy for a few years, I was still captivated and hungry to know more.   Boomer always held a quiet reserved presence.   One that would make you wonder (ok, make me wonder)...was he the stealth womanizing stud kind of guy, destined to woo you into total submission, then break your heart for sport?  Or was he that rare gem of a man, the kind many women hope for, warm, sensitive, thoughtful, and devotedly loving?  This gal's curious mind was dying to know. 

The right alignments, both personal and professional, evolved over a two-year period giving us increasing opportunities to get to know each other.  I liked what I was learning - alot; and yes, I continued to secretly lust for him but with a cautious reservation of his enigmatic nature.   Somewhere in the midst of it all, Boomer had taken a liking to me as well, but didn't sense I was interested or available.  He kidded me often of my friendship with Alex, a close friend since high school, relentless teasing me that given the amount of time Alex and I spent together, we were a couple in denial.  I joked right back that he merely had no quantified male-female friendship experience to validate his claim.  By the way, today, Alex's wife, Andrea, is one of my best friends.

When Boomer later told me how he knew the time was right to make a move in my direction, I was mortified.   He caught me checking him out - - at the office.  Busted.  I outed myself.  Safe to say any future as a covert operative is completely out.   But my getting caught in the act actually opened the door to answering my burning curiosity... was Boomer a heart breaker or a man who'd hold your heart in his?  In one hand grab, I got my answer.   

It was a Friday; July 18th, 1997 to be exact.  Funny how the dates stick with you.  They did for Boomer too.  We'd been at company picnic that afternoon, followed by post-festivities at a local establishment.  After a while it was down to the two of us, seizing the opportunity, we just hung out.  He suggested we go get food, at a dive place down the street with killer pizza.   As we headed out to the parking lot, Boomer grabbed my hand to escort me to my car.  That's when I knew.  It was in how he held my hand, that intimate weaving  of our fingers together, with a strong, intentional, caring kind of grip.  The electricity surged up my arm, down my spine and made my heart rate soar.  I knew it.  Boomer was one of the gems and my life was about to change - - forever.   Whoa. 

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